The Beginnings

How it all started…

In 2006 we first opened the doors of Rock Kafana Rustikana 2.0 as it is today. At the small “mom and pop” restaurant in the city centre we started doing what we do best – cook the best goddamn food we can. That was attracting people you don’t usually see in a traditional kafana – musicians, columnists, writers, sports people, actors…and all shared great taste for food and….music.

We started playing music a lot different than the one you can hear in the other kafanas. We played some blues, a little funk & soul, and a lot of good ol’ rock n’ roll! People loved it!

Soon after we did our first live gig, and then our second, and the third…Next thing we know – our little restaurant was too little for all the great people that wanted to come.

So in 2016 we opened Rock Kafana Rustikana 2.0 – which is now our base and home away from home!

The Rock Kafana Rustikana FAMILY

You are as good as your team is

It’s a cliche – but it’s true. Our team is our family. Throughout the years there were a lot of people coming and going. Some were good, some not so much. But the ones that stayed are GREAT! And I mean that with all my heart. These are the people that are making sure all your meals are exactly the same high quality every time you step inside our home. Kitchen Legends – we bow to you in respect. The guys and girls you see upfront all the time with the biggest, warmest smile on their faces are our driving force. We love them, and more importantly – you love them!

To be honest, I wouldn’t change them for the world. All of our staff is like one big happy family – the one that make hell of a noise at reunions. So once again guys, thanks for being a big part of our story, all these years.

Armand Veljan – Owner of Rock Kafana Rustikana 2.0

rustikana team
photo taken on our last family get-together