Rock Kafana Rustikana 2.0: 2021 an awesome year in review


A lot has happened in the year that has just ended. For everybody. Not just us at Rock Kafana Rustikana. Most of the stuff was Covid related, but we managed to pull off a decent year nonetheless.

Let’s start at the beginning and take it from there. January is a month we start in style – by having a short break 🙂 Going back to work we introduced something we proudly stuck to for the whole year – our monthly specials. We are (still) doing one burger, one beer, and one spirit special for the duration of the month, and than we move one to the next. Cool right?

In February we lost one of our childhood and grownup-life heroes: Djole Balasevic. There are no words to describe what him and his music meant to a lot of people we know – ourselves included. At least he left us with plenty of lyrics to say our cheers along. RIP Djole, legends live forever <3

March treated us with some nice weather – that we desperately needed and another lockdown and stop of service – which we definitely did not want nor need. But hey, we pulled through, didn’t we? (you wouldn’t be reading this in January ’22 if we didn’t 😉 )

Most of April we were doing take-out and pick-ups only, but we were secretly working on a side project. Ziggy’s Streetfood was created and opened near the end of the month – our little burger and sandwich shop in the Centre of the city. If you are reading this (we don’t see why you wouldn’t) check it out on Instagram and Facebook. It has a seasonal working hours, and we can’t wait for spring to open the doors again.

May is the month of Rock Kafana Rustikana 2.0. Why? Don’t be silly – it’s our birthday! Put it in your calendar, if all is well this year (fingers crossed) we are doing a party to make up for the previous two pandemic birthdays when we had to keep distance and whatnot. Plus in May there is a great “holiday” – The National Burger Day (in the USA) – 28 of May. If people over here can celebrate Halloween, we damn sure can celebrate Burger Day!

This June was kinda big deal for everybody here in Macedonia. The national football team made their first ever appearance at the EUROs. Did we send our representatives from the “Rustikana Drinking Team” in Buchurest, Romania? Hell yeah!

In July we had our first live music acts in a while, and we were thrilled! You never know how much you love something until you lose it, or it’s taken away from you. Cold beers, friends, great food and couple of guys playing Don’t Look Back In Anger on a hot July night? YES, PLEASE!

In August we had our summer vacation like we do every year. Skopje heat is unbearable this time of the year, and if anybody tells you otherwise – stay away from them! September is a different story though – it’s starting to chill down a bit (still shorts and t-shirts weather – don’t worry) and people are chilled and tanned from their vacations – that’s if they are vaccinated and can go across state borders.

October is big month for the Rock Kafana Rustikana team and patrons alike. For the past three years we are doing our own version of worlds biggest beer festival – Oktoberfest. We have German sausages (wurst-s), beer and pretzels on our menu and it’s just a great experience altogether. Make sure to stop by this year 🙂

In November things were looking good, things were looking almost like the normal “normal” – not this new normal bulls*it. We were doing events, serving out great food, entertaining great bands and crowds, the covid numbers were under control. One of the events that really took us by surprise was our first edition of Jack’s Sessions. It’s an event we do only one Wednesday a month – we do Jack Daniel’s inspired sliders and drinks and we invite a guy who blew our minds the first time we heard him. Yon Idy – remember the name. (and come hear him perform when you see us posting about it on social media)

And here we are – almost at the end of the years review. December. It’s the month of wonder. Everybody is happy, hopeful and cheerful. We had some great parties, some long shifts and some drunken stories to tell when we get together. We hope you did too.

There it is – our 2021! We had some laughs, enough beers, lot of cheers but also a lot of uncertainty, tough times and time to think about our lives. We are thankful we are all alive and well, and things are looking up. I guess there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Make sure we meet each other there, with smiles on our faces and a cold drink to toast to good times together!

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